OTSO Travessa d'Encamp

Dal 27-05-2022 al 29-05-2022

Posizione e contatto


Plaça dels Arínsols

(+376) 731 000

The oldest Trail Running race in the country reaches its prime with its 39th edition.

One more year of this event that is part of the calendar of the Andorran Federation of Mountaineering (FAM) Cup, and offers you the chance to put your fitness to the test. The mountain “travessa” or “crossing” includes five different races, suited to any level of runner.

7K “Fun run”: 6.82 km with 365 m in altitude gain.
12K “Copa d'Andorra de Cadets” race for teens: 11.12 km with 936 m in altitude gain.
21K “Copa d'Andorra Half Marathon”: 21.88 km with 1.480 m in altitude gain.
42K “Andorra Marathon”: 40.94 km with 2.615 m in altitude gain.
84K “Ultramarathon”: 84.56 km with 5,760 m in altitude gain. This is a new, highly demanding circuit for elite and experienced athletes.

Location and dates: Encamp, Andorra. 27-29 May 2022.

For more information and to sign up for the OTSO Travessa d’Encamp see the race website.