If you think that Andorra's ski resorts only open in winter, you're quite mistaken! Check out these active tourism options: ideas for group trips to Andorra where fun and excitement are never far away. A time you'll never forget!

Dare to try descend

Explore the country on your bike through narrow and steep trails. Here are the best routes.


SUBLIM by Cirque du Soleil

From 6 July to 4 August, Cirque du Soleil returns with a new show tailored for Andorra. Experience a story full of haute couture glamour and extravagant acrobatics.



Andorra is home to hundreds of walking trails which are especially fun if you hike them together. Here you’ll find the most complete catalogue of routes through the mountains and woods, the perfect setting for a talk with your friends or for an album of memories you’ll never forget.



Options that could be part of your trip to the Principality especially if you like shopping, or just if you want to get away from the daily grind. To go all together or when each member of the group has some free time!

Take a dip in Caldea

This pioneering thermal retreat offers the most relaxing and de-stressing time you’ll have on your vacation 

Day of shopping

Fashion, jewellery, electronics… Block off the time you’ll need to discover why Andorra is a shopping paradise


Sample our most creative haute cuisine and gourmet dishes.


Will you manage to escape?

Put your skills to the test and solve the puzzles in our escape games. Located in various different spaces, you’ll have to use your wits to survive.



For plans like the ones on this page, travelling with friends in Andorra is a real-life pleasure that you can share with your best followers: your real-life friends. Don’t just read about it on social media ... experience it first hand!

Oci amb amics a Andorra

Group sports: fun in Andorra

Hiking, cycling, hockey or golf: interesting plans for group trips to Andorra.

You will enjoy Andorra so much more if you share it with your friends, who like the same things as you and share the same passions. Nature, leisure, relaxation and gastronomy... Countless experiences which are even more enjoyable when you travel with a group: with your group.

One of the most popular experiences for group trips to Andorra is hiking. Our country has thousands of kilometres of adapted and sign-posted routes that you can cover at your own pace. Visitandorra has hundreds of routes on offer that, as well as showing you spectacular landscapes and local customs, will be the perfect excuse to have a chat, immortalise yourselves in a photo or throw together a makeshift picnic in the middle of nature. There are itineraries for all difficulty levels (intense, medium, low and easy), which will take you through the most symbolic corners of our country. Lakes such as Engolasters and Tristaina, peaks such as El Comapedrosa and green valleys such as Madriu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are just a few examples.

Another option is travelling with friends to Andorra to enjoy a passion you all share. Many bike lovers decide to come to Andorra to take part in cycling trails through our mountain passes or mountain bike trails on our circuits, some of which are in the Bike Park which is set up in summer at the Pal Arinsal ski resort. There is also a wide range of possibilities for motorbikes: Andorra’s roads are chosen summer after summer by thousands of bikers looking for unusual curves between mountains and sheltered paths in deep valleys. Here in Andorra, we have several museums dedicated to the world of motorcycling. One of these is the Motorcycle Museum in Canillo, which provides an interesting overview of the history of the motorcycle since the early 20th century. 

And if you like a challenge, a holiday with friends in Andorra is also a great opportunity to take part in a head-to-head competition. How about a game of paintball at Naturland or at Tokat Aventura ? Endless fun for everyone to enjoy! If you’re looking for a more relaxing activity, you can play a few holes at one of Andorra’s golf courses, which are located in various parishes, including la MassanaOrdino and Canillo. If you like hockey, you can’t miss the Palau de Gel ice palace, also located in Canillo, where you can rent the ice rink by the hour to enjoy a game of ice hockey, or another lesser-known activity such as broomball.

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Senderisme a Andorra
Barranquisme amb amics a Andorra

Great little Andorran cities

As well as our exuberant nature, which surrounds everything, our country’s cosmopolitan character is another of its key features. For this very reason, many groups ofurbanitesorganise holidays with friends in Andorra. While our towns are small (the largest being the capital, Andorra la Vella, which has just over 20,000 inhabitants), they have all the services you would expect to find in big cities.

The best example of this is shopping. If you’re a shopping fan, a group trip to Andorra is the perfect plan. Here you will find shopping centres and high-street stores in every town, particularly in the urban centre of Andorra la Vella and Escaldes-Engordany. The countless fashion and accessory boutiques are any fashionista’s paradise, not only for the prestigious brands on offer but also for their price. Thanks to our low taxation, product tags are always a very pleasant surprise: you won’t find it cheaper in any other country! The same can also be said for other shops, from electronics to sports, perfumes and cosmetics, as well as opticians and jewellers. You will find these great prices in countless shops throughout the whole of Andorra.

Wellness centres are another option at your fingertips in Andorra’s main towns, providing facials, body treatments, massages and a never-ending list of options. You can also enjoy relaxing thermal sessions at our spas, such as Caldea, including water jets, Jacuzzi, water beds, saunas and much more. These services are also on offer at many hotels within their own facilities. 

Restaurants for group trips to Andorra

Finally, our country’s range of dining options will also be up to the standards of a group of friends like yours. You will be able to choose from all types of gastronomy, from local product-based cooking to international options, such as Italian, Asian, Mexican and many more. They also have options available for organized group trips to Andorra, with menus and prices adapted to each trip.

If you feel like going for a drink after dinner, our pubs and clubs are open late: sometimes as late as 5:00 a.m. at weekends! Travelling with friends to Andorra is also an opportunity to enjoy the nightlife! You will find a good atmosphere and perfectly conditioned venues, whether you want to dance the night away or just have a chat while sipping your favourite cocktail. Karaoke, DJs, concerts and themed pubs are just some of the options.


With all this on offer, you are guaranteed to have a good time during your holiday. Andorra brings you together!

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