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Boscúria is a company which specialises in guided mountain activities. With many years of experience in the sector, it offers unique outings where the main ingredients will be nature, landscapes, culture and sport! An explosive combination that will make your excursion an unforgettable day!

Hiking, botany, orienteering and much more!                     

Thanks to the company's expertise as a forester, you will enjoy these highly versatile suggestions for all types of people. Discover them below!

- Hiking routes designed for you: forest tracks, trails, lakes, peaks... you choose which path you want to take! With Boscúria, you just have to tell them what you’re looking for and let their team take care of everything else. So, if you want an extra activity, ask for a beginner’s trail running experience and put your stamina to the test.

- Discover the botany found in the Principality: Have you ever wondered what the flowers, plants or trees that you come across on your mountain routes are called? If so, you have to do Boscúria’s botanical excursions: you will visit the most iconic natural parks and valleys of the country, whilst learning all the curious facts about the area!

- Via ferratas: if you prefer a vertical rock climb, where you’ll use both your hands and feet, this is the activity for you. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can climb the best-known via ferratas in the area!

- Orienteering circuits: with this fun activity you will have a great time trying to locate all the hidden signposts! The orienteering circuits make a perfect activity to do as a family, with friends or with work colleagues as a Team Building activity.

Winter snowshoe excursions

When winter comes, it’s time to put on some snowshoes and enjoy the snow-covered mountains that our country offers. With Boscúria, not only will you get to practice a range of sports, you will also enjoy some of the most spectacular landscapes: the Circ dels Pessons, the Estanyó Lake and the Ensagents Valley, are just some of their suggestions.

Finally, it should be noted that thanks to Boscúria’s extensive experience, you can request a completely personalised excursion designed just for you. Check out the website and ask for more information about these and other suggestions.
Come to Boscúria and enjoy the mountains all year round!

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