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The Associació de guies turístics d’Andorra (Andorran Tourist Guide Association – AGTA) is an organisation that brings together tourist guides specialising in cultural tours, package tours and conferences. Thanks to their experience and team of professionals, the tourist guide association goes one step further to offer you fully customised guided hikes. If you’d like to find out more, keep reading!

Made-to-measure tours

With a long track record, our partners offer the best quality tours. Whether you take a tour as a family, with friends or with work colleagues on a team-building day, you’ll discover the most outstanding spots in the Andorran valleys, as well as all the country’s cultural and natural heritage.

Canillo cultural excursion: considered to be the religious centre of Andorra, Canillo is one of the country’s richest parishes in terms of ecclesiastical heritage. Setting off from the Church of Sant Serni, this tour follows the Camí del Gall trail to take you to the town’s historic centre, where you’ll discover charming places full of religious and historical value. The route finishes at the Church of Sant Joan de Caselles; the second chapel you’ll see on this tour. You’ll also have the chance to explore and be amazed by Andorra’s largest church: the Sanctuary and Basilica of Our Lady of Meritxell, Mother of God and patron saint of Andorra.

Ordino, a parish full of history: in the parish of Ordino, you’ll discover the iconic iron route, where you’ll not only enjoy a wonderful blend of nature and sculptures, you’ll also see the importance of this element in the history, economy and development of Andorra. You’ll also follow the Camí Ral trail from Sant Cornel·li to Santa Bárbara. This route will show you the heart of the parish, known as the ‘cultural centre and historical industrial centre of Andorra’. One particularly fascinating aspect of this route is that you’ll visit the Fiter-Riba manor house, which houses the famous Manual Digest, written in 1748, and the Casa d’Areny Plandolit ethnographic museum, home to an archive and library containing over 5,000 volumes.

Exploring the historic centre of Encamp: on this third tour, the association offers you the chance to walk along the Passeig d’Alquer i Mojácar leading to the Church of Sant Romà de les Bons, with the whole of this new route following the River Valira d’Orient. The route will take you to the historic centre of the parish, where you’ll discover the defence tower – known as the ‘Torre dels Moros’ or Moorish Tower – as well as two dovecotes, a water storage area and a trough cut into the rock. Finally, you’ll also see the Church of Santa Eulàlia d’Encamp, one of the most iconic and distinctive buildings in the parish.

Discovering the culture of La Massana: finally, the AGTA also offers a guided tour of the parish of La Massana, where you’ll not only learn many interesting things about the local culture and history – such as the meaning of the parish’s name – you’ll also wander through the forest, following the Camí Ral trail that goes from Plaça de Les Fontetes to the Romanesque bridge of Sant Antoni de la Grella. With this itinerary, you’ll visit the heart of La Massana, as well as its tourist and cultural centre!

These tours have an easy level of difficulty and last around two hours, and can be done by both individuals and groups.

Lastly, thanks to their know-how and extensive experience, you can also go to the AGTA for fully customised tours based on your interests and preferences.

The AGTA is accredited by the WFTGA, the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations.

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