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The Barcelona Airport to Andorra coach is a useful travel option for people coming to Andorra by plane. There are plenty of departures every day connecting El Prat airport with the Andorran capital. On these pages you'll find more information on the route and a link to the official website of the company that runs the route, Andbus.

A solution if you're coming by plane

Because of its special location in the heart of the Pyrenees, the Principality does not have an airport. However, coming by plane from other countries or distant cities is still perfectly possible, as we have transport links to all the neighbouring airports. The most important of these is probably El Prat, in Barcelona. Every day, hundreds of visitors arrive from this Catalan airport, about 200 km from Andorra, using the convenient Andbus service straight after landing.

Description of the Barcelona Airport to Andorra coach route

The Barcelona Airport to Andorra coach leaves from Terminal 1 of the airport. Its first stop is Terminal 2, so the Andbus service is available to all the airport's travellers. At Terminal 1, the stop is on floor 0, platforms 7 to 12. At Terminal 2, the stop is at Arrivals T2B, by the "Bloque Técnico" (technical block).

The route goes straight to Andorra, ending at the National bus station in the capital, at c/ de la Curia s/n right in the centre and with a full range of services nearby (shops, restaurants, hotels and more).

There are numerous departures every day: six for most of the year and seven in winter (from 1 December to 30 April) Departures from El Prat airport are every two hours: morning, afternoon and night. The journey takes 3 hours and 15 minutes. The frequencies and times for the return journey from Andorra to El Prat are similar.

Another useful option on the Barcelona Airport to Andorra coach route are personalised stops on request in different parts of Barcelona, (Sants, city centre) and especially in Andorra (hotels and roads in all the parishes of the Principality).

Whatever your requirements, for more details on times, possible stops, prices and online ticket purchasing, visit the Andbus official website.

Other options for travelling to Andorra

If you're travelling from a different Spanish city, there are other alternatives to the Andorra to Barcelona coach. One such option is the AVE + coach: travel by high-speed train to the Lleida Pirineus station and then transfer conveniently to the Alsa or Montmantell coach, which will take you from the Catalan city to Andorra. There are also direct coaches from La Seu d'Urgell to Andorra. Make sure to visit our website for more details on these and other possibilities.

Consult the Andbus timetable and prices: Barcelona Airport – Andorra.

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