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There are several options for getting to Andorra on public transport, from both Spain and France. One is the route provided by Alsa in Lleida: this major Spanish coach company links the Catalan city to the capital of the Principality, going through some other major towns on the way, such as El Seu d'Urgell. You'll find all the details of this transport option on this web page.

Lleida to Andorra coach: bringing the AVE closer

A key feature of the Lleida to Andorra coach is that it brings the AVE high-speed train closer to the Principality. Due to Andorra's geography, there are no train stations in the territory, but there are direct connections to the main neighbouring stations. A good example is the Lleida Pirineus AVE station for the Spanish high-speed train. This means travellers from cities such as Madrid (Puerta de Atocha), Zaragoza (Delicias) or Barcelona (Sants) can easily transfer from train to coach. The station is also a stop for regional and medium-distance trains, so travellers from towns with trains to Lleida, such as Figueres or Gijón, among many others, can also use the service.

Route details

The coach leaves from the Lleida Pirineus Station, at Plaça Berenguer IV s/n. However, this Alsa Lleida service also stops at the city's bus station, at Carrer Saracíbar, 2.

The route runs through towns such as Balaguer and El Seu d'Urgell. In some cases, passengers have to transfer to another coach at the Ponts station, with just a short 10-minute wait. On other occasions, the coach is direct, covering the route in a little under 3 hours.

Its final destination is the Andorra la Vella National bus station, c/ de la Curia s/n; in other words, right in the heart of town, close to the Parc Central, with plenty of restaurant, leisure and shopping services nearby.

The frequency of the coach varies, but there are normally one, two or three departures daily, in the morning, early afternoon and last thing in the evening. For more details on times and prices, visit the Alsa website.

Other options

As mentioned earlier, the Lleida to Andorra coach is not the only option for getting to the Principality from Spain. On our website you can view other options, such as from Barcelona and Salamanca, or even the Grup Montmantell coach service, which also has direct routes from Lleida and other towns, such as La Seu d'Urgell. Find all the information you need on our Sites and Services page, which will help you get to the Principality whatever the time of year.

Consult ALSA timetable and prices: Lleida – Andorra – Lleida.

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