What are customs exemptions?

Customs exemptions establish the maximum number of products that travellers can cross the border with on the way back to their country without having to declare them or pay customs duties. The limitations applied to certain products (coffee, alcohol, tobacco and similar types of goods) are established in terms of the number of goods, while the limitations affecting other products (milk, butter, cheese, sweets, etc.) are based on their value or bulk. Customs exemptions for all industrial products, excluding perfume and cologne, are based on their monetary value (in euros).

Unless specified otherwise, customs exemptions are only applicable to persons of legal age. The value of the products purchased in Andorra is not accumulative and cannot be split among travellers. Distinctions are not made between agricultural and industrial products.

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  • Coffee: 1,000 g of coffee or 400 g of coffee extracts
  • Tea: 200 g of tea or 80 g of tea extracts
  • Alcoholic beverages: 1.5 litres of liquors exceeding 22% ABV (38.6 proof, UK) or 3 litres of liquors, aperitifs or sparkling wines under 22% ABV, in addition to 5 litres of table wine (no exemptions applied to travellers aged 17 or less).
  • Tobacco: 300 cigarettes or 150 cigars (under 3 g per unit); or 75 cigarettes (exceeding 3 g per unit); or 400 g of pipe tobacco (no exemptions applied to travellers aged 17 or less).
  • Other agricultural products (limitations are based on amount and value): Up to €300 per person (a €150 limitation is applied to travellers aged 15 or younger). Nonetheless, this quantity may never exceed: 2.5 kg of powdered milk, 3 kg of condensed milk, 6 kg of fresh milk, 1 kg of butter, 4 kg of cheese, 5 kg of sugar and sweets and 5 kg of meat.


  • Perfumes: 75 g of perfume + 375 ml of cologne
  • Other industrial products: Up to €900/person (adults). Up to €450/person (travellers aged 15 or less).


For the purpose of traveller transit Andorran borders are open 24 hours a day. Nonetheless, opening hours (for Andorran and Spanish customs offices) do apply to freight and to goods that it is mandatory to declare, either because they are exports or because they exceed the aforementioned exemptions (French customs are open around the clock). Below you will find the opening hours and contact numbers of the customs offices of all three countries:

You can also find more information on customs-related formalities at

Andorran customs offices

  • La Farga de Moles – Spain
    Pas de la Casa – France
    Opening hours: 7 AM to 8 PM

Spanish customs office

  • La Farga de Moles – Spain
    Opening hours: Monday through Friday: 8 AM to 8 PM
    Weekends: 9 AM to 8 PM

French customs office

  • Pas de la Casa – France
    Opening hours: Open 24 hours a day