Tourist apartments in La Massana

Take a load off in a tourist apartment in La Massana and experience living in the Principality. You’ll love it!

Carlemany Chalet

The 3-start Carlemany Chalet is located at the Llopis Chalet, in Erts, in natural surroundings in the parish of La Massana.

A.M.P Grup Chalet

The 3-star A.M.P Grup Chalet is in the Xalet Llopis, in natural surroundings in the valley of the village of Arinsal.

Tourist Apartments Bonet

The tourist apartments are in the historical area of the village of Pal, 2 km from the Vallnord-Pal Arinsal ski resort, Pal sector.

Tourist Apartments Giberga

The apartments are in natural surroundings in the peaceful village of l’Aldosa in La Massana, very near to the Vallnord ski resorts slopes.

Era de l’Ayma Tourist Apartments

The 6 Era d’Ayma tourist apartments are located in the natural surroundings of the village of Arinsal, in the parish of La Massana. 

Tourist Apartments Sant Moritz

The apartments are located in natural surroundings in the village of Arinsal, at the foot of the Vallnord-Pal Arinsal ski resort slopes.