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This snowpark is located in the Arinsal sector of the Pal Arinsal ski resort, and it is divided into 3 areas: one for beginners, another for intermediate level and the third for experts. The first of these, the beginners' area, has five boxes and three mini jumps. Specially designed for starting out in this sport, it is ideal for both children and adults taking your first steps in the world of freestyle!

The second area, with a slightly higher level of difficulty, is for those who are already initiated in the world of freestyle, with an intermediate level, and are looking for a more challenging adventure. You'll have to negotiate 14 obstacle modules, among which you'll find boxes, rails and jumps of various heights, two of them as high as six metres!

If you've already mastered the technique and are looking to perfect your style, the experts' area is for you! You'll have to negotiate a total of six jumps of between 10 and 18 metres, distributed over the three hills of the circuit, as well as a whole set of complicated jibs. You'll feel like a real professional!

Finally, we should add that the snowpark is fully equipped and well prepared for use. It has a ski lift and the centre has its own snow grooming machine, so you can enjoy quick rotation, without having to leave the snowpark at any time!

Snowboarding at Pal Arinsal

The Pal Arinsal resort has two alpine skiing and snowboarding schools, one in Pal and the other in Arinsal. More than 200 accredited and multilingual instructors teach classes according to the level and type of skier or snowboarder. From a debutant, making their very first tracks on snow, to an expert who wants to hone their technique or explore and enjoy all the runs and secret corners of the resort in depth. Lessons are available as private or group classes according to your particular needs and preferences.

Note that group classes are currently NOT available. You can however enjoy your own private classes and learn the very best skiing techniques. Tuition fees for private classes will be available shortly.

One of the greatest gifts that you can give to any child is to spend a few days on holiday in the snow. This is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to enjoy some quality time with the family. Playing with the snow, organising a snowball battle, rolling in the snow... This is definitely a very unique experience!

Imagine that, in addition to being able to do all these activities in the snow as a family, you can also combine it with practicing a winter sports: skiing, wouldn't that be wonderful? We want to encourage you to take your kids skiing and we've prepared a family ski guide to Pal-Arinsal, available on our website.

If you like this plan and book one of our ski deals in Vallnord Pal-Arinsal, the ski pass for children under the age of five is free. And that's not all: if you book in advance, you can get special discounts.

Activities at Pal Arinsal Snowpark

The beginners’ area is endorsed by the ASP Snowpark team of shapers, who started the project in the 2009/10 season and who work relentlessly in the construction of the modules and jumps to ensure good execution and safety throughout each exercise. The freestyle zone has a ski lift and its own snowplough, which ensure fast rotation without having to leave the area. The Snowpark project is completed with the sponsorship of a team of riders from, above all, Andorra and Spain.

The Snowpark consists of a zone for beginners, those who want to start in freestyle. 

The zone for experts is extremely well regarded and valued by experts due to its great quality area of Snowpark. It features 6 large and medium jumps in three hills, with two jumps in each of them between 10 and 18 meters of plane, and a set of jibing.

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In Pal Arinsal you’ll find lots of exciting activities to attract the youngest members of the family. Let them enjoy the snow in different ways.

Rope Park - 1 circuit per turn. The use of helmet, harness, clothing and seasonal appropriate footwear is mandatory. Three circuits with tests of physical ability. Circuit 'S': From 4 to 11 years old; Circuits 'M' and 'L': Minimum height: 135 cm. Once the circuit ticket has been purchased, if the child then doesn't wish to complete the circuit alone, parents will be required to buy a ticket in order to accompany the child on the circuit. Combination of 2 circuits: Valid for anyone over 135 cm in height.

Tylorean Zipline, Donuts and SnowSnakes: piste specially equipped with a magic carpet (human conveyor belt) and snow cannons. This activity is without supervision and is therefore under the sole discretion and responsibility of the individual user. Arinsal Sector, limited capacity and all activities are permitted at the discretion of the Head of the Track. SnowSnakes is a group downhill sleigh, with a minimum 4 people.

Orienteering Circuits: challenge your navigational skills. The ultimate goal is to find the milestones located along the itinerary using your navigation skills and with the aid of a map. Medium-high and low difficulty circuits, with no age limits or physical condition restrictions. 

Children's snowmobile circuit: closed-circuit with vehicles specially adapted for children from 5 to 12 years. For safety reasons this activity is limited to children with physical and/or cognitive capabilities appropriate for the circuit. This activity operates at the discretion of the supervising monitor for the circuit.

As for ticket and package types, Pal Arinsal offers a Ski & Bike season pass valid for almost the entire year! This season pass is valid for 10 months, including the winter season, with access to all the facilities, ski lifts, slopes, Snowpark, etc., and the summer season, with unlimited access to 29 mountain bike circuits and the six ski lifts (including the La Massana and Pal Arinsal cable cars). This season pass also gives you access to the different sports events held during both the winter and summer seasons. Get all the details and more information at Pal Arinsal.

The resort offers its guests another season pass, called Ski & Nature, bringing you closer to the stunning natural landscape surrounding the resort. This pass is good for ten months and will allow you to get stuck into activities such as skimo or snowshoeing, or go on hikes and day trips during the summer months. With this ticket you’re also entitled to one round trip every day on the La Massana and Els Orriols gondola lifts during the winter months, and on the Pal Arinsal cable car in the summer months. And that’s not all! It also includes free and open access to all the facilities and circuits the ski resort has to offer, as well as all the sports events happening all year round.

On the other hand, if you just want a pass for one day, Pal Arinsal also has a day pass for one or more days, up to a maximum of 10, that gives you access to all the slopes and facilities in the Pal and Arinsal sectors.

Opening hours

Pal Arinsal offers a free continuous bus service to get to the resort in winter, between key locations in Andorra and the foot of the slopes.

The sunniest terraces are at an altitude of over 1,800 m! Enjoy the sun’s rays on the ski slope terraces, the most spectacular setting to enjoy the best views whilst you discover the interesting cuisine and leisure activities we offer at Andorra’s ski resorts.

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