Snowmobiles at Naturlandia


Naturlandia offers various snowmobile circuits for you to follow yourself along signed routes or with a guide. You can choose routes lasting 30 minutes or an hour.

If you prefer you can go on a night-time excursion. Enjoy a 2-hour route in the moonlight, finishing with a delightful supper in the La Borda Conangle restaurant.

Plus, if you’re visiting with your family, Naturlandia also offers a circuit where children can drive mini-snowmobiles (note that they must be between 1.30 and 1.50 metres tall in order to drive the mini-snowmobiles). The children’s circuit offers a fun, motorised adventure that your little ones are sure to love!

Enjoy unique, exciting experiences with your friends and family. It’s so fun you’ll definitely want to return!

Check the opening times for the season before planning your activities at Naturlandia.

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