Snow activities in Ordino

If there’s one thing that Andorra excels at, it’s anything that involves snow. Find a wide range of snow activities in Ordino to suit all tastes and ages.

Night-time activities at Ordino Arcalís

As soon as the sun goes down and the ski slopes close, the Ordino Arcalís resort transforms into a world of activities.

Airstream by Schweppes

This winter, Ordino Arcalís proposes a new experience: Spend a night under the stars!

By 4x4 or snowmobile

If you would like to drive a snowmobile or a 4X4 on the snow, you can do this at our resorts in complete safety.

Vivac Arcalís Experience by the North Face

If you like sleeping under the stars, and at over 2,600 metres above sea level, don’t miss the Vivac Arcalís Experience at the Ordino Arcalís resort!

Boardercross at Ordino Arcalís

Put your skills to the test by sailing over obstacles on the boardercross circuit at the Ordino Arcalís resort.

Cross-country skiing, snow in a pure state

If you’re a skimo fan, at our resorts you’ll enjoy over 20 routes for all levels!