Learn to drive on ice with Circuit Andorra

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Would you like to learn how to drive on ice? If so, then Circuit Andorra snow driving courses are for you.

These courses were created desire to give drivers all the tips and tricks for driving on ice and snow, in a fun and dynamic way: you won’t just feel the reactions of the vehicle in your own hands – you’ll also learn how to manage them correctly.

Driving on ice at the Circuit of Andorra

The snow driving activity takes place at the Circuit of Andorra driving track, located at the Envalira Pass, 2,400 metres above sea level. The circuit consists of a 980-m long, 10-m wide track that is totally covered in snow and ice and combines a long straight with all kinds of turns. Its location guarantees a high-quality snow and ice surface.

Three snow and ice driving courses

The ice and snow driving school offers three different courses adapted to all levels and preferences. First up is the two-hour Contact Winter course, for one or two people, where you will learn to improve your confidence and control of the vehicle in situations where there is little road grip.

The courses Sport Winter and Sport Propulsion Winter are more focused on learning and perfecting sport driving on ice and snow. Lasting two hours, they are designed for experienced drivers looking to improve their sport driving technique in adverse conditions. The first of these, Sport Winter, is designed for those wanting to dive deeper into the world of sport driving. Sport Propulsion Winter increases the level of difficulty and require good physical and mental condition. You’ll drive a front-wheel drive competition vehicle, both equipped with Claus tyres. You’ll feel like a race driver.

The two courses are taken individually and you only need to have a certain amount of driving experience, as well as a valid driving licence.

GSERIES-e training

Finally, the last course offered by the Automòbil Club d’Andorra is the GSERIES TEST training dedicated solely to all those who compete in the GSERIES. There are two formats: the GSERIES-e TEST, which is done in a 4-wheel drive electric vehicle, similar to the one used in the RallyCross world championship; and theGSERIES training with own vehicle, dedicated to drivers of the Clio Ice Trophy and side-by-side categories who want to train before going out to compete. This activity requires you to be registered for GSERIES competitions and to be in optimal physical and mental condition.

Lastly, please note that the use of a helmet, gloves and suitable footwear is mandatory for sport driving.

Take the step and learn to drive on ice like a real professional!

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