Freeridel: Serra de Sauvata





4,3 km

Height difference

+657 m / -700 m

Start point: On the road to the Ordino Pass we look for the Totems and go up through the forest to the ridge of the Serra de Sauvata and the Sauvata face to the north.

Descent: From the peak, eastwards towards the Montaup Valley, a few metres under the peak a corridor begins that is very wide at the beginning, allowing us to turn comfortably, and half-way down becomes narrower and tube-like with the same inclination, in an area known as 'Clot d'Aixans'. When we leave the gulley, we come to the 'Borda del Jep' and soon after to the Ordino mountain pass road, where the starting point is 200 m further up. The start of the Serra de Sauvata (eastern corridor) descent is on the road to the Ordino mountain pass and the road to Montaup, in the area of the Totems.

Parking area: (42°34'8.31"N and 1°35'17.82"E).

Drop: 40-35°

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