Freeride: Pic del Maià 2615 m

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5 km



Height difference

+217 m / -217 m

Start point: From the head of the pass, where we can leave one of the vehicles, we go back up northwards to the well-known Maià peak, easy to make out with its aerial. We will have to leave another vehicle at the Envalira tunnel roundabout, on the Grau Roig side, to be able to get back to the Port.

Descent: A very simple route both to climb and to descend on the western side. A very gentle gradient suitable for all levels and ideal for freeride beginners. Only at the beginning in down the gulleys leading to the Moscatosa hills does it become steeper, reaching a maximum of 40° for around 200 m. The rest is very gentle to the forest part where we come to the road that climbs to the pass. This route is recommendable when there is a high risk of avalanches in other areas or the weather is not good enough for other longer routes. If we only have one vehicle, we can go down the same way we came up and get back to the head of the pass. There are some gulleys to the east from the peak that lead to the village of el Pas de la Casa; these are described on another route as they are more difficult.

Parking area: (42°32'25.04"N and 1°43'8.24"E).

Drop: 30-35°

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