Freeride: Pic de l'Arbella C-Moc

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420 m



Height difference

+538 m / -538 m

Start point: We take the La Balma chair lift and go down the La Balma slope before the slopes cross with the gulley we leave the slope to the north to the river at 2,240 m where we will see a small pass towards the Tristaina lakes. At this point we put on the skins and climb to the higher lake; to the east we can see the Les Planes pass at 2,607 m followed by the Pic de l'Arbella at 2,763 m. Just after the peak, following the ridge southwards we find the incredible gulley known by the trackers from Arcalís as: the "Canal del Moc".

Descent: This is a very beautiful corridor and not very wide, very steep at the beginning at nearly 60° which might almost put us off. This is a south side and we therefore have to consider changes and possible snowfalls that could cause a serious fall in the gulley. With stable snow, it is a technical gulley that narrows as we go down to the exit, where the slope evens out to 45° and opens up for more air and wider turns to the resort base. Briefly, it is a demanding corridor that we could almost call extreme, but which in good conditions can really be enjoyed.

Parking area: (42°37'55.56"N and 1°30'40.51"E).

Drop: 50-60°

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