Freeride downhill: Turó del Forn Sorteny/Rialb





9,1 km

Height difference

+945 m / -943 m

Start point: We suggest a circular route starting and ending at the Sorteny car park. We will climb the Sorteny valley to the mountain hut, where there is a path to El Grau de la Llossa and from here we have to climb the whole ridge NE over the La Rabassa gulleys. We can enjoy views of the Sorteny and Rialb valley. The last straight of 200 m take us to the summit of El Turó del Forn. Going NW, we can see the long drop to the Rialb valley. The walk to the summit takes about 3 or 3.5 hours. 

Descent: It is very simple. Ideal for beginners, without technical difficulties as it is wide and obstacle-free. The gradient is regular with a long descent constantly at 30°-35°; only in the last part before the mountain hut does it change to 40° at most on the last face, for around 200 m. After the hut, we will descend the bottom of the Rialb valley near the river, gliding back to the start point.

Parking area: (42°37'32.95"N and 1°33'6.73"E).

Drop: 35-45°

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