Freeride downhill: Tossa de Braibal





6,9 km

Height difference

+959 m / -960 m

Start point: We will follow the Engolasters path towards Coll Jovell pass. From here we will climb the path that goes into the forest and follows the ridge of the Tossa de Braibal. This is a physically demanding climb due to its steepness. Once at 2,500 m, we can start the descent at the entrance to the gulley. This gulley is readily visible from any point of Escaldes-Engordany, Andorra la Vella and Santa Coloma.

Descent: This is mainly a comfortable route without any problems, allowing us to ski comfortably and make a continuous descent. The gradient is even until the forest where it becomes more complicated due to the thickness of the forest and it is difficult to get back to the return path (the same one we climbed). The descent of this gulley is more for emblematic reasons as it is seen every day from many points of the capital, rather than a descent in which the effort of the climb is largely compensated by the descent.

Parking area: (42°31'3.12"N and 1°34'15.52"E).

Drop: 30-40°

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