Freeride: Pic del pla de l’Estany

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6,6 km



Height difference

+551 m / -882 m

Start point: From the car park of the Ordino Arcalís ski resort (Hortell building) we will take the La Bassera ski lift that will leave us at the head of the station, and then we will walk up SW between the Arcalís and Cataperdis peaks, through the Arcalís breach. Once at the top of the breach, we will turn west to follow the crest leading us first to the Angonella peak and Arinsal Pass to end up at the Pic del Pla de l'Estany (2,859 m).

Descent: While we climb the crest and before reaching the Pla de l'Estany Peak we will find two short corridors (50-60 m) which are narrow (6-7 m) with gradients of 45°-40° ending up at the same place. Once at the peak, we find the northern face with an initial slope of 50° and a considerable width that makes it possible, though dangerous, always due to the unstable snow conditions in the area. This is a highly rocky side where any fall can have serious consequences. We therefore have a 1st part of the descent of moderate to high difficulty and very technical. 

Continuing the descent we will continue towards Port del Rat on the western side, and once there we will climb this side around 200 m to a point between the Port de Rat mountain pass and the Cataperdis Peak. The 2nd part of the descent is also at the choice of the rider as we will find different and varied gulleys for virtually all skiing/snowboarding levels. One possibility is to descend the widest Cataperdis gulley, 6 m wide and with a gradient of 45° down which we will reach the tunnel area and get back onto the Arcalís skiing area by means of the tunnel slope (blue), which will take us to Pla de la Coma and from where we can continue down the La Canaleta slope to our starting point (Hortell restaurant at 1,960 m).

Parking area: (42°37'55.28"N and 1°29'59.89"E).

Drop: 40-50°

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