Freeride: Pic de Pessons

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3,2 km



Height difference

+16 m / -542 m

Start point: Grau Roig ski resort car park. If we have a Grandvalira ski pass, the easiest way to get serious from the Pessons restaurant; to get there we get on the Cubil ski lift and go down the blue slope to the Pessons lakes and restaurant. If we do it off-season and do not have a ski pass, we will access from the base of the Grau Roig ski resort, climbing the "Tortuga" blue slope and continuing along the "Cami de Pessons" red slope that leads to the lake and the restaurant. From this point, we will climb the Circ de Pessons passing SW of the lakes with the Pessons peak or Gargantillar in view. Once under the peak, we will set off from the northern side, where we will take off the seal skins and climb the Canal dels Andorrans with crampons and ice axe. We recommend this gulley because it is simpler and more comfortable to climb, and once at the top we can choose between descending down the same gulley or down the Canal "Y" parallel to the Andorrans.

Descent of the Canal dels Andorrans: A corridor with a width of around 6 metres that has a maximum gradient of no more than 50° at the beginning and 45° in the rest. Good snow conditions due to its direction and possible well into spring, which is the best time. It allows us to turn comfortably and widely, is not very technical and is one of the most beautiful.

Descent of Canal de la "Y": As the name says, the shape of this corridor is a "Y" and therefore has two entrances and one exit. This corridor is more difficult than the first because it is steeper, up to 55°, and because you cannot see the whole of the gulley from the beginning. The entrance to the corridor may have cornices produced by the wind, which makes its access even more difficult. Once inside and after the first steeper metres, the gulley levels out to 45° and allows us to turn comfortably. It is narrower than the first and more blocked in.

Parking area: (42°31'58.09"N and 1°42'1.36"E).

Drop: 40-55°

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