Freeride downhill: Pic de Fangasses i canal de Fangasses

Freeride downhill: Pic de Fangasses i canal de Fangasses




5 km

Height difference

+798 m / -798 m

Start point: A classical route to la Font Blanca, following la Coma de Varilles towards the Collet de la Coma mountain pass, after passing the face (gulley) we come to the sign indicating La Font Blanca and the reservoir. We turn towards the Esbalçat Oest lake. Before reaching the lake, we can see the Pic de Fangasses to the north and we will go for the ridge that climbs to the summit at 2,684 m.

Descent: From the peak it is a wide face SW, a drop of around 250 m, an easy face with a gradient of 40°. At 2,300 m we come to the entrance to the gulley which is wide and very flat at the beginning (30°) in the shape of a half pipe, but rapidly steepens and becomes channelled between walls with a maximum gradient of 45° for around 200 m, coming out onto the Coma de Varilles. We continue the descent the same way we came up, to the Pont del Castellar.

Parking area: (42°37'55.44"N and 1°30'40.46"E).

Drop: 40-45°

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