Freeride: Canal del 4 d'Arcalís

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3 km



Height difference

+342 m / -589 m

Start point: At the base of the Ordino Arcalís resort at 1,920 m, if the resort is open. Otherwise, we will leave the vehicle above the els Planells restaurant to climb up from 2,060 m. If we do it in the winter, we can use the ski lifts to get there and save a few metres climb, taking the Abarsetar cable car or using the ski lift of the same name. If we are out of season, we can start to climb from 2,060 m just above the els Planells restaurant. In either case, we will start the access from the same point, where we can see the gulley we will go down. We will have to climb to the mountain pass under the Pic d'Arcalís at 2,540 m. At this point, we will climb up the side of the Arcalís peak until approximately 2,630 m, where we will look for the entrance to the gulley.

We will find two entrances through two gulleys, one is that described, wider and more obvious, and the other is a very narrow and direct corridor that does not always have an exit, so we must make sure that the gulley we descend is the second we come to. We advise taking care to watch the two gulleys during the ascent and to take photographs to be sure which is which.

Descent: This is a very beautiful gulley with its twisting shape of a four, which is why it is given this name. With initial gradient of 45° it has a technical section of about 50 m, and the gulley takes us to the left to link up with the second part, another 50 m that maintains the gradient and obstacles appear that we can get round or jump over easily. The rest to the vehicle will be along the track that takes us to the base. Easy access and a good descent in a classical resort gulley though not much used.

Parking area: (42°37'55.28"N and 1°29'59.89"E).

Drop: 35-45°

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