Freeride: Canal d'en Nicolau

Freeride: Canal d'en Nicolau




5 km

Height difference

+952 m / -910 m

Start point: We take the GRP starting at the foot of the road and marked with yellow spots, zig zagging to the Coma Obaga mountain hut, climbing through a forest of Scots and black pine. We will continue up northeast to 2,340 m at the Serra de Coma Obaga where we find the face with the avalanche barriers highly visible from el Serrat.

Descent: We descend in search of the Canal d'en Nicolau, baptised with this name by the locals. This gulley was formed by an avalanche from the face where today there is a series of barriers. It is therefore much safer now. The descent has no particular difficulty. The start is a wide face between the avalanche barriers that leads us straight to the gulley, which can be comfortably skied/snowboarded despite being narrow. The difficulty comes at the end of the gulley where we go into a forest that makes it awkward to move. We arrive near the village of el Serrat just where there is a place on the road for putting on chains. We must remember to leave a vehicle to take us back to Llorts, the start point.

Parking area: (42°36'17.48"N and 1°32'10.18"E).

Drop: 35-40°

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