Freeride: Alt de la Capa 2572 m





2 km

Height difference

+97 m / -716 m

Start point: We can access from the entrance to the Arinsal resort by getting on the Orriols cable car if we start at 1,475 m, which takes us to the base of the resort at 1,950 m. Here we climb using the TSD les Fonts lift and then we can choose: we either take the Coll ski lift or the Port Negre and all we will have to do then is to reach the Alt de la Capa peak which takes 15 minutes on foot, or by ski lift to 2,572 m if it is open.

Descent: This is a wide pyramidal corridor with a gradient of little more than 40° at the beginning and rapidly widens and eases, allowing fast, fluid turns. The lower area flattens a great deal and we come to the end among small trees to the road that takes us back to the base (1,950 m) a 5-minute walk back to the car park or the cable car to Arinsal village.

Parking area: (42°34'21.84"N and 1°29'1.28"E).

Drop: 35-40°

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