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C/ del Picó, 1-3

(+376) 800 675

Basar Valira might well be one of Andorra’s most original shops. It is a model shop specialising in antique and 20th century trains, but it stocks many other items. Mainly cars and landscapes, produced by the sector’s top international brands.

It is located at Carrer del Picó 1-3. Although some believe Basar Valira is located in Andorra la Vella, in actual fact both this and the other toy and model shops are in neighbouring Escaldes-Engordany. They are in a small street that runs perpendicular to Avinguda Carlemany, which is one of the busiest in town. Because of this, there are numerous shops, hotels and restaurants in its surrounding area.

Trains, the flagship product

Without a doubt Basar Valira’s trains are its flagship product. There are trains of all eras, from 19th century steam locomotives to 20th century models that changed the world of railways. Some are reproductions of legendary lines from France’s SNCF, classics from Spain’s Renfe and other international railway lines.

Some are decorative pieces to display on shelves, furniture, desks, etc. But others are small vehicles that work perfectly in model train sets.

All of the above are made by the sector’s very best brands, instantly identifiable by connoisseurs: Marklin, Norev, Ixo, RBR Models, Herpa and many more. Some of the most valuable pieces include Renfe’s 333-020-6 diesel locomotive, and BLS’ Ce 4/6 No. 315 electric locomotive, which are valued at several hundred euros. In addition, a vast number of accessories are on offer, including railway tracks, lighting systems and many other items. There are more than fifty trains available, and new models are added to the collection periodically.

Other model gems in Basar Valira

But trains are not the only miniature means of transport available at this store. There are also cars; predominant amongst which are vintage Mercedes and Ferrari models, in coexistence with other more modern ones—normally racing vehicles. Of course, some of them are Scalextric models, which means they may be used in the legendary scale racing tracks. For a wider variety of vehicles, clients may go to the shop at Avinguda de les Escoles, 7. In this and other stores, customers may also find boats, aeroplanes, helicopters, lorries, buses, caravans, vans, tractors, cranes, motorcycles and even tanks.

In addition to means of transport, Basar Valira also stocks miniature landscapes. In some cases, typical houses, and in others, famous palaces, normally from countries such as Germany, where some of these producers are based.

A store which, coupled with the three others in the city, provides the Principality’s richest selection in terms of models.

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