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The Origins spa of Caldea is specifically designed to stimulate the senses. Its facilities offer the possibility of caring for and exfoliating your skin, improving blood circulation, relaxing your muscles and eliminating toxins—all of this in a Zen atmosphere that will make you forget about your routine and daily life.

Immerse yourself in Origins and discover all of the surprises that are in store for you. In the middle of a Japanese-style garden you'll find a comforting grapefruit bath where you can rub your skin to exfoliate and soften it while you absorb the sweet fragrance of the scented bath. In the Aztec bath, you'll follow a relaxing stone pathway that will improve the circulation in your feet while you immerse yourself in a genuine tropical garden.

The outdoor jacuzzis are the perfect place to enjoy the wonderful views of Andorra's mountains while you listen to relaxing music in an unbeatable setting. The relaxing bath, Turkish bath, sauna and outdoor solarium will provide all the peace of mind you could ever wish for.

Origins also has a terrace with a bar where you can have a refreshing drink between baths. 

A single spa that offers everything that your body could possibly need!


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