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A spa of 12,400 m² aimed at excellence, with a capacity for up to 200 people. Inúu presents a completely different and innovative offer. Whereas Caldea continues to offer spa leisure (families and friends enjoying the benefits of spa waters with no therapeutic purpose), Inúu focuses on the individual needs of each person by means of established programs.

Clients enjoy a personalised stay according to their expectations and desires.

Health workshops while you relax

Inúu also offers the option to attend workshops at its premises, enhancing your relaxation time.

  • Mindful movement:

Supplement your stay with a mindfulness session. You’ll not only learn how to calm your mind, we’ll also teach you how to work the body using 10 mindful movements, designed by instructor Thich Nhat Hanh. In addition, you’ll find out how to alleviate muscular tension and backache by following a guided meditation.

  • Tibetan bowls:

For thousands of years, Tibetan bowls have been used to rebalance the body and mind so that you’re in perfect harmony with yourself, returning you to your innermost essence. Also used nowadays for therapeutic purposes, the frequency they emit will put you in a meditative state by enveloping you in a unique sensation of peace and wellbeing.
Inúu also offers other workshops that you can do at the centre, such as Aquarelax, virtual reality, a perfume workshop or learning about the properties and benefits of teas and infusions with the Tea&Spa workshop.

Enjoy the best cocktail nights at Inúu

This season Inúu invites you to its cocktail nights! From 1st November onwards, ask for your entrance ticket for a 4-hour evening at Inúu, and enjoy this exclusive offer. 

You will have a total of 3 options to choose from: Piña Colada, Bay Breeze or Jungle Bay (the latter being alcohol free).

This promotion will only be valid on weekends and during high season and when Lumière show is being performed!

Inúu is aimed at people aged over 16 and opens every day of the year. See here opening hours.

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