Anti-stress experience at the Quiropràctic del Molí centre

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C/ Prat de la Creu 68-76, 3r (Ed. Administratiu del Comú d’Andorra la Vella)
Andorra la Vella

(+376) 388 918

The stresses of everyday life and the frantic pace at which we must operate to meet all our obligations can certainly take their toll. This is why the Quiropràctic del Molí wellness centre offers an anti-stress getaway in Andorra. With its "VITE FAIT, BIEN FAIT" programme, you can switch off for a weekend, relax your mind and body and reduce your stress levels with the help of chiropractic care.  It offers relief for a variety of aches and pains, including backache lumbago, muscle contractures and disk hernias, as well as conditions like insomnia and anxiety.

While the Quiropràctic del Molí centre's anti-stress experience can be enjoyed by everyone, it is especially recommended for people suffering high levels of stress related to work or other areas of life.

Try the Quiropràctic del Molí centre's anti-stress experience and bring calm and wellness back to your mind and body!

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