African Gommage Treatment


Winter and the cold weather that comes with it affect our body and mind in a lot of ways. Your skin turns brittle and dry and your mood is heavy. Combined with the daily stresses of life, it’s no surprise that seasonal depression is, in fact, something that affects many people. And while there are plenty of ways to liven up your mood, we recommend rejuvenating your body and mind with a 90-minute African Gommage Treatment. This will help you to purify and oxygenate your skin by removing dead cells with certified 100% organic cosmetic products. This treatment is comprised of : a 10-minute session in the Hammam to open up the pores; a body scrub with horsehair gloves and black soap; a head massage with the application of black soap; and to finish, a facial and body moisturising treatment with Argan oil, which leaves your skin nourished, soft, smooth, silky and glowing.

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