Relaxation treatments in Canillo

If you came to Andorra to rest and relax, try out a relaxation treatment in Canillo. Let an expert take care of you and make your stay more relaxing.

Pyrenean essence ritual

Let your body travel through the essences of the high mountains.

Mountain Lovers Massage

Share a moment of peace and relaxation with your partner.

Magical Child Massage

Whoever said R&R was only for grown-ups? Discover where to give your children the gift of de-stressing here

Beauty Experience

Looking after yourself means looking after your beauty; boast a skin with more luminosity and fewer defects.

Rituel 100% Argan by Signature Soldeu

Do you want to give your skin more life? Let us tell you how. 

Grands Explorateurs by Signature Soldeu

Delve into the world of Zen relaxation and prepare for an unforgettable spiritual voyage.