Localised, Partial and Full-Body Massage


Caldea offers a range of different massages for you to get the benefits of this therapy both in your mind and body!

Localised massage (30 min) – is a relaxing massage that focuses on the chosen body part: head, face, back, legs or feet. It helps to unwind, improves circulation and relaxes the muscles.

Partial massage (30 or 45 min) – helps you release tension and relax muscles by focusing on the back of your legs and your back, including the cervical spine area. This type of massage is also offered at INUU.

Full-body massage (60 min) – aims to release muscle contraction and relax your body. It focuses on the whole body, from head to toe excluding the face. INUU offers the same type of massage, where you can choose between massage oil and Argan oil. 

Enjoy the same massages as a couple leaving you both refreshed and relaxed.

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