General terms and conditions for entry and the use of tickets

1. Scope of application:

The use of a ticket (the ‘Ticket’) to attend any of the performances of Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Rebel’ show (the ‘Show’), organised by Andorra Turisme, SAU (the ‘Organiser’) —with registered address at c/ Prat de la Creu, no. 59-65, stair D, 4th floor— as well as the conditions for entry to the venue where the Show is held, will be subject to the following General Terms and Conditions (the ‘General Terms and Conditions’) established by the Organiser. The Show will take place at the Parc Central venue in Andorra la Vella (the ‘Venue’).

2. Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions:

All persons who purchase, own and/or use a Ticket (the “Ticket Holder”):

  1. must have read and understood these General Terms and Conditions, and accepts them entirely and irrevocably;
  2. states that they have sufficient capacity to do so, and in the case of minors, that their legal guardian or accompanying adult has this capacity;
  3. assumes all the obligations set out herein and undertakes to comply at all times with any instructions given over the loudspeaker system as well as by the staff responsible for the management and security of the Show;
  4. accepts that in the event of infringing any of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, the Organiser will be entitled to automatically cancel the Ticket.

Some sections of these General Terms and Conditions will be summarised on the back of the Tickets.

3. Specific nature of the Ticket:

The Organiser will issue two types of Ticket: Paid Tickets with numbered seats (‘Paid Ticket with Numbered Seat’) and Free standing tickets (‘Free Standing Ticket’) for the specific standing-room-only area. Unless stated otherwise, in these General Terms and Conditions the term ‘Ticket’ refers to both categories of Tickets.

Each Ticket is personal and non-transferable; it only grants access to the Venue for the performance of the Show stated on the Ticket.

Anyone under 18 must have a Ticket to access the Venue, except for children under 3 as long as they are accompanied by the Holder of a Paid Ticket with Numbered Seat, with whom the child must share the seat.

It is strictly prohibited, under any circumstance, to sell, offer for sale, auction, resell or donate a Ticket without the Organiser’s formal consent.

The Organiser does not guarantee the authenticity of the Ticket if it has not been purchased or obtained by means of the official points of sale or distribution.

Once the Ticket has been issued, no changes or refunds are allowed.

Ticket Holders must keep their Ticket during the entire duration of the Show, for verification purposes.

The Organiser reserves the right to change or modify the Show schedule, as well as its start time. Any complaints regarding such changes or modifications must be made formally to the Organiser, including the Ticket with the complaint.

4. Safety and access to the Venue:

Ticket Holders may be subject to a search upon entering the Venue, as required by law, and they may be asked to show ID.

The Organiser has the right to refuse entry.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the Venue. Animals may not enter the Venue, except for guide dogs.

The Venue will open 2 hours before the start of the Show. Once the Show has begun, the Organiser may refuse entry to the Venue, at their discretion.

For safety reasons, prams and pushchairs for babies may not be parked in the designated standing-room-only area. They must remain outside this space and always be clear of any spaces used as exits to prevent obstruction. Prams and pushchairs must be left in the unguarded area set up by the Organiser for this purpose. The Organiser accepts no liability for any items left in this area. This year the venue does NOT have a children's stand, since the technical configuration of the show does not make it possible to set up children's stands.

Any object deemed dangerous by the Organiser may not be brought into the Venue. It is strictly forbidden to enter the Venue with cans, bottles with caps, bottles or containers without caps whose capacity exceeds 500 ml and that are not made of soft plastic, food, chairs, stools or any other kind of seat, motorbike helmets, cameras and that the Organiser may deem inappropriate or dangerous. The Organiser reserves the right to prohibit entry to the Venue with umbrellas with a pointed tip and non-foldable umbrellas.

While at the Venue, the Ticket Holder is responsible for their own personal safety, in addition to the safety of any minors or other persons without legal capacity to act or with limited capacity who may use Tickets for which the Ticket Holder is responsible. The Ticket Holder accepts any risks or hazards that they or the people for whom they are responsible might encounter or experience in attending the Show, and waive any claim against the Organiser in relation to such risks and hazards.

5. Lost, stolen or damaged Tickets:

The Organiser will not replace or refund any Ticket, regardless of the reason for requesting the replacement or refund, whether the Ticket has been lost or stolen.

The Ticket will only be valid if it is undamaged and in good condition, with no signs of having been altered or falsified. Altering or damaging the Ticket may result in being refused entry to the Venue.

For safety reasons, the Organiser is not obligated to issue duplicates of the Ticket, as duplicates could grant access to the Venue to more attendees than the Venue can safely accommodate.

6. Cancellation of the Show:

If the Show is cancelled for any reason, only Holders of Paid Tickets with Numbered Seat are entitled to refunds. The refund claim must be submitted at the point of sale where the Ticket was purchased, in accordance with the conditions established at the time of sale. The Ticket must be submitted when making the claim. Tickets for the cancelled Show may not be exchanged for another performance.

Once 30 minutes have passed from the start of the Show, it will be considered to have been performed and there will be no entitlement to Ticket refunds. The refunds of purchased tickets "online" through the web page is automatic and does not require any procedure on the part of the user.

Adverse weather conditions do not constitute the basis for a refund if the Show ends up being performed.

7. Image and intellectual property rights, prohibitions regarding unauthorised advertising and marketing activities:

It is strictly prohibited to take photographs, film or record the Show.

Ticket Holders may not use their tickets for commercial purposes, such as promotions or advertising activities, or use them as prizes or rewards in contests or raffles, or as part of incentive programmes, unless this has been authorised by the Organiser. Any infringement of this prohibition will entitle the Organiser to claim for the damages caused.

In accordance with the legislation currently in force, the Organisation may capture and publish images of the show and the people in attendance in order to provide information about the performance in the communication channels it normally uses.

8. Cloakroom and lost and found service:

The Venue has a free cloakroom service.

The Organiser is not liable for any objects stored in the cloakroom, and reserves the right to accept or reject any items that the Ticket Holder may intend to store there.

Any object stored or found at the Venue that has not been claimed within 48 hours will be considered abandoned and may be destroyed by the Organiser.

9. Venue access for people with reduced mobility:

The Venue has a restricted area reserved for persons with reduced mobility in wheelchairs ('Restricted Area'). This area may be accessed with a Free Standing Ticket as it is within the specific standing-room-only area.
People in wheelchairs wishing to enter the Restricted Area may be accompanied by one person of their choice ('the Companion'). The Companion will have a seat located in the Restricted Area. The Organiser reserves the right to limit access to the Restricted Area when this area has reached its maximum capacity. The number of Companions is limited for safety and space reasons. For any queries concerning the conditions of access to the Restricted Area an email can be sent to

10. Personal data:

In accordance with Andorran Law 15/2003 of 18 December on protection of personal data, users are hereby informed that the data provided will become part of a file for which Andorra Turisme, SAU is responsible, registered with the Andorra Data Protection Agency. Users’ data will be used to notify them of any initiative for promotional and advertising purposes of the tourism activities of Andorra Turisme (sports, cultural and leisure events and activities, among others) by means of any information channel, in accordance with the express acceptance indicated at the time when these data were collected. As a user, you will be responsible for the truthfulness of the data provided and for communicating any modification of these data. Andorra Turisme is exempt from any responsibility in this regard.

Moreover, we inform you that you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, objection, deletion, portability, restriction, to be forgotten and to make a complaint in relation to your data. Users may exercise these rights by sending a request to the e-mail address or to the mailing address Andorra Turisme, c/ Prat de la Cruz 59-65, bloque D, 4.º piso, Andorra la Vella. You must state your full name, address for notification purposes, a photocopy of your national identity document or passport and the specific content of the right you wish to exercise.

Our full privacy policy is available at

11. Applicable Laws:

Any controversy or dispute related to any of the rights and obligations arising from these General Terms and Conditions will be settled in accordance with Andorran laws and in courts of the Principality of Andorra.