Excursionisme Vertical


Excursionisme vertical

It offers different guided mountain routes in the summer. Depending on our physical and technical level, we can choose between high mountain routes with vertical elements, crests and crags or easy routes over Pics de Llevant, Cercle de Pessons, Pic de Tristaina, Cercle dels Agols, Coma dels Llops or from el Griu to Pessons. Without forgetting the technical routes (with some roped sections, never more than grade IV), such as Tossa de Brairal, Crestes de Gargantillar, Pics dels Cubils, Pic d’Escobes, Aresta d’Arial, Cresta del Cataperdís, Aresta d’Angonella i Medacorba, Aresta del Coma Pedrosa and Cresta de la Cabana Sorda.

The airborne ropeless routes (high mountain) are done in 1 day with a maximum of 6 people. As for the crests with ropes (high mountain), these go on for 1 date with a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4.

Location and contact

Travessia d'Ordino s/n

(+376) 878 173

info@vallnordturisme.com http://www.ordino.ad