Ride the Tobotronc: slide down and try not to scream if you can!
Sant Julià de Lòria
Andorra la Vella

3 Days

7 Stops

65 km

If you want to enjoy unique summer holidays, come to Andorra and surround yourself in nature, history, cuisine and a dash of adventure! Pack your bags and get ready to experience something different for summer in a destination that will surprise you.

Dia 1 (3 activities)

In the morning go to the parish of Sant Julià de Lòria to visit Naturland, a space where nature and adventure coexist. The time will fly by at this outdoor complex as you enjoy activities like zip-lines, archery, mini golf, tubbys, quads and the dramatic Tobotronc, considered the world’s longest alpine slide in nature.

You can have lunch in Escaldes-Engordany and visit the Electricity Museum, located on the road towards Encamp. There you’ll learn about how the arrival of electricity to the Principality in the 1930s radically changed the lives of its residents, and other interesting details related to this energy source.

At night you can take a walk through the centre of Andorra la Vella, have dinner and explore the city’s nightlife options.

Your Pyrenean adventure park is called Naturland
Naturland - Adventure park

42.442898, 1.503275

Naturland park is a leisure area for the whole family: you’ll discover the plants and native Pyrenean fauna at the same time as enjoying attractions for both young and old!

Image of the MW Museum of Electricity
Electricity Museum

42.514644 1.553375

The MW Museum of Electricity is housed in the FEDA (Forces Elèctriques d’Andorra) building and is considered part of Andorra’s cultural heritage.

Sample of one of our gastrobars
Gastrobars in Andorra

Discover our most exclusive gastrobars, and enjoy an afternoon of gastronomic tapas with your family.

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Dia 2 (4 activities)

The Sorteny Valley Nature Park is one of the Principality’s most special natural settings. Located in the north of the country, it spans more than 1,000 hectares and provides habitat for a variety of animal species. It also brims with flora and features exceptional landscapes. This place deserves more than a morning, so take the opportunity to have a picnic and enjoy the nature and fresh air a bit longer.

Today is a day for pampering, so pack your bathing suit to go to Caldea, the most popular spa centre in Andorra. You’ll enjoy its many pools, jacuzzis, jets and much more. After, you can have dinner at the Caldea restaurant or in the centre of Escaldes-Engordany, where the night can continue with cocktails.

Sorteny Nature Park
Sorteny Nature Park

Sorteny Nature Park is a botanical paradise with more than 800 species of flowers and plants, some unique to the Pyrenees. 

Canya de la Rabassa picnic area: detailed information
Canya de la Rabassa picnic area, Ordino

The perfect base camp for exploring the Vall de Sorteny. This is the Canya de la Rabassa picnic area, next to the Nature Park Information Point

Caldea - Arquitecte: Jean-Michel Ruols
Caldea, the thermal andorran spa

Opened in 1994, Caldea is a pioneering centre in spa leisure.

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Dia 3 (3 activities)

To discover Andorra's top sights, the best idea is to take the tourist bus. It has seven different itineraries, one for each day of the week. So you can take routes focused on the Romanesque, Urban Habitat, Trades, Traditions, Country of Mountains, etc. Settle into your seat and try not to blink, because dozens of wonders will soon be passing before your eyes.

When the route is over, you can have lunch in the centre of Andorra la Vella and spend the afternoon shopping. Make your final purchases before heading home.

Tourist bus - Route 6
Tourist bus - Route 6

Itinerary 6 will take us to the parish of Ordino, where we will visit various facilities as well as walk through the village and along the Ruta del Ferro (Iron Route).

Discover the countryside of Andorra in three house museums
Rural Habitat Circuit

Get to know traditional Andorra with this tour of houses made into museums—testimonies to the way life used to be

Come and Shop in Andorra
Come and shop in Andorra

Andorra is tailored to your shopping needs . Everything you're looking for—and much more—is just a stone's throw away.

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There are many more itineraries available that might help you create your own route around Andorra. Have a look at these other proposals!