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The Galeno Pharmacy, one of three pharmacies in the Galeno Group, offers much more than that, though, with products to improve your health and specialist skincare and diet products, among many others.

Different types of products:

The Galeno Pharmacy is not a conventional pharmacy. Not only do they offer medication prescribed by your doctor to cure minor ailments, but they go one step further by offering thousands of alternatives, to meet all your needs: hair products, body and dental hygiene, orthopaedics, sun protection, etc. They also offer homoeopathic and naturopathic medication, if you prefer a more natural alternative medicine.

Staff at Galeno Pharmacies are highly qualified, meaning they can offer advice on any area you may need help with. They’ll help explore your needs and offer the solution that best suits you.

Care for athletes:

These days, we all know how important it is to do some kind of sport, and it’s essential you enjoy a proper diet and get enough energy. Of course, Galeno Pharmacy knows this first hand, so they offer a host of products to complement your diet: energy bars, diuretic drinks, regenerators, antioxidants, proteins and much more. 

Skincare products:

As a leading pioneer in the pharmaceutical sector, the Galeno Pharmacy offers the finest natural cosmetics products, with all the latest skincare innovations, make-up and a host of other products, all of them paraben-free. Their products are dermatologically tested, combining extracts with natural oils to obtain a completely healthy skin free of impurities.

Given the wide range of possibilities, all options are possible. Whether you’re a woman or man, they’re there to help you take care of yourself: at the Galeno Pharmacy they know how important it is to care for your largest organ, your skin, whatever your sex. That’s why they offer a comprehensive men's care line, which is 100% natural, dermatologically tested and adapted to each skin type.

Constantly evolving, the Galeno Pharmacy also make their own range of products. They market these under their own brand, Galeno, and you’ll find them exclusively in their pharmacies. 

Looking after your newborn

The goal of the Galeno Pharmacy is to take care of you and your family, offering you the best products and solutions. That’s why as well as more conventional products, they also offer a range of specialist items for your baby’s delicate skin: paraben-free, unscented, with a smooth and creamy texture.

They also know mealtime is important in these first months of life, and so they offer baby’s first food, made with all the essential vitamins and nutrients for their first stage of growth.

On top of all this, at the Galeno Pharmacy you can also order deluxe baby baskets as they’re specialists in producing beautiful, fully customised baskets filled with all the necessary products.

At the Galeno Pharmacy you’ll discover much more than just a pharmacy.

In case of emergencies, check the link below for a list with all the on-call after-hours pharmacies.

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