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Av. Carlemany 68, Centre Comercial Illa Carlemany

(+376) 828 717

Andorra has an extensive network of pharmacies, with more than 55 pharmacies distributed across the seven parishes.

One of the members of this network is the Galeno pharmaceutical brand, with over thirty years’ experience in the sector and a total of three pharmacies: two in the centre of Andorra la Vella and a third in the Illa Carlemany shopping centre in the heart of Escaldes-Engordany.

The Galeno Pharmacy aims not only to look after your health and well-being, but are also committed to meeting your beauty needs. They used the latest technology on a daily basis to bring you all the latest breakthroughs and industry trends, as well as the most innovative beauty treatments.

With years of experience to their name, they are specialists in the most effective beauty treatments and provide leading cosmetic solutions for their customers. The Galeno Pharmacy are also experts in skin cosmetics, offering such well-known brands as Avène, La Roche Posay, Sesderma and more.

The Galeno Pharmacy also offers many nutricosmetic products to help you maintain your weight and figure, as well as enjoy a healthy, balanced diet with 100% organic products.

Lastly, the Galeno Pharmacy also offers homeopathic remedies: Actaea acid, Arnica, and many others are just some of the elements that you'll find to help you keep your body functioning properly. Maintaining a balance between health, well-being and beauty, the Galeno Pharmacy offers a whole range of natural, organic products for you to feel good about your skin while taking care of your health.

At the  Galeno Pharmacy, will also receive the professional advice of staff with many years of experience in the sector, who can advise and help you choose the product that best suits your needs and your skin.

Lastly, if you need pharmacy services outside opening hours, the Galeno Pharmacy, like all others in the Principality, is part of the on-call after-hours services. For more information, check this link.

This establishment is located inside the shopping centre Illa Carlemany.

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