Canyoning: Torrent de l’Aviar

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850 m



Height difference

+280 m / -280 m

Torrent de l’Aviar Ravine is located in the parish of Encamp. It is 850 metres long and 280 metres high it can be climbed in 1 hour and unclimbed in approximately 2 hours. The canyon is characterised as being dry, open and very steep. It is ideal for starting out in canyoning and abseiling. This canyon is of no particular aesthetic interest, as the layers forming the rocks do not give pretty dugout formations. However, it does have abundant biodiversity. If you go at the right time you can see chamois, mouflons, partridges... in the area. We might also find natural foods such as wild mushrooms and strawberries, amongst other things.

The approach is over the sunny side of Encamp, where the path to la Carrera rises. Around 100 metres further up we take the path to the left. After around 150 metres climbing this pass, it turns to the left and in about 10 minutes we are at the canyon. Access is in about 15 minutes. The canyon is at 42° 31' 58",01° 34' 01".

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