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Plaça de les Fontetes
La Massana

(+376) 835 693

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Our client’s name is Otto Adlet. He would like to hire your services to solve the following case: it seems there is a safe holding a fortune amassed by a relative of his. To open it, you’ll need a code that only Mr Adler’s grandma knew. According to his final letter, he never discovered it. Will you manage to uncover it?

This puzzle game can be enjoyed all year round, and will have you discovering the most emblematic locations of Massana’s old quarter as you have fun and learn at the same time.

The activity lasts 90 minutes and is perfect for families (12 years or over). We recommend to booking in advance as far as possible, given the structure of the activity.

The La Massana Tourist Information Office, located in Pl. de les Fontetes, will provide you with all the details and give you two suitcases with materials so you can follow the clues and discover what the smugglers hid away.


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