Hiking in La Massana

Trekking and hiking are trendy at the moment. Come to La Massana and hike one of the country's numerous trails.

Guided Ecotourism route: Pic dels Llacs

You can enjoy panoramic views across Setúria Valley on the left and Tor Valley on the right

Guided Ecotourism route: Aigüesjuntes

This route is running through the Aigüesjuntes forest of the Valles del Comapedrosa Communal Nature Reserve.

Guided Ecotourism route: Tomb de les Neres

This route is easy to reach and ideal for a family outing. It has the unique feature of running through 4 of Andorra's 7 parishes. 

Camí de Retrobament
Cultural hiking route: El Camí

EL CAMÍ is a cultural hiking route that passes through all of the Catalan-speaking territories of Spain, France and Andorra.

Hiking route: Camí de l'alt de Comapedrosa (Parc natural del Comapedrosa)

Touch the sky with your fingertips hiking to the highest peak in Andorra. A demanding hike you should do in good company