Recreation Trail: Tossal de braibal medium-distance route

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We start the route in front of the Tourist Office in Escaldes-Engordany. We quickly start ascending, quite steeply, until reaching the GR, where we easily discover the bordes of Entremesaigües first, and of Ramio shortly afterwards. At this point we take a turn to the left, and continue climbing, now in the direction of Coll Jovell.

From the hill, we follow the yellow trail that take us into the forest along a steep climb, which gives us no respite until we come out of the forest, which is when we see the summit of Tossal in the distance. The last 200m of the climb will be covered by crossing the alpine pasture land which has some rocky areas that should not trouble us at all.

Tossal de Braibal is a breathtaking summit, with absolutely outstanding 360 degree views. At this point, we begin the most complicated sector of the route, which is perfectly safe if we follow the track, and finding the stone landmarks and yellow markers, which in this sector are further apart, to serve as a guide along the sections where the path is not so evident.

We leave the ridge at Coll de les Agols and head towards Cap de les Agols, where we will start the descent towards Estanys Forcats, a spectacular series of lakes to our left and right.

This is a sector with small mounds, where there is no obvious path, so most of the time we will cycle over the pasture land until we see the renovated Refugi de l’Illa, but we won’t be stopping there because first we come across the GR, which we will take towards the left, going downhill, to discover new lakes and Vall de Madriu, for a fast descent.

This valley is protected by UNESCO, and we shall have an enjoyable time discovering different free shelters during the route, following the course of the Madriu River, where we will be able to cool off at a few points along the way.

Then we come into Ramio once again, downhill, where we turn off from the downhill part to arrive at the starting point.

WATER:  Escaldes Engordany, Madriu River where we can cool off if very hot

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