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Start the route in front of the Escaldes Tourist Office, and as you climb look for the bridge over the River Perafita and the road as you walk along the paved streets.

Walk a short stretch along the pavement, following the yellow points you find along the way, which will lead you to the beginning of a path next to some houses, taking you into the woods via a steep climb. You’ll walk down an intermediate stretch on asphalt, always along the pavement, which will take you past the Sant Miquel d’Engolasters shrine. Shortly after, you will pick up the path again to the left, this time with less slope and always within the woods, taking us to Engolasters lake.

Halfway up, turn left to go around the lake, returning almost to the same point, at a different elevation. Descend to the car park, where you will return to the path, which at this point is very well defined and flat. In this stretch you will find a small tunnel and various fountains where you can stock up on water. At the last fountain, Font dels Corralets, the track will begin to get steeper, and will take you right to Coll Jovell, the highest point on the route, from where you will have a good view of the Madriu Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

At the hill you’ll begin the descent, first with a steep slope, down to Bordes de Ramio, a group of farm buildings in a good state of repair, and we will continue to descend, more gradually, to the Bordes d’Entremesaigües. Staying on the paved road and descending, you will approach the village, which you will reach after crossing the Comella road. You will return to the tourist office via the cobbled streets of Escaldes, and you can enjoy the hot springs of Font del Metge, which you will find on our way to the final point.

Exercise caution when descending the cobbled road from Coll Jovell to Escaldes on rainy days or when there’s a lot of humidity.

WATER:  Escaldes Engordany, Fountain (Camí) km 1.5 / Engolasters Lake - Entrance Ctra de les Pardines km 5.5 / Font de les Ordigues km 7 / Font de les Molleres km 7.5 / Font dels Corralets km 8

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