Recreation Trail: Coll de turer medium distance route

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A beautiful route, perfect for a varied ride, with sections of steep ascent, rapid ridge descents and steep slopes. There are some lofty sections, which while not dangerous, are not for people who are not used to heights.

Start your route at the Plaça del Poble in front of the fountain along the streets of Pla and you will soon see the sign for the route at the bell tower. Along a smooth and shady path through the woods, you ascend steeply to Coll de Turer, an exceptional place to see the whole area, and from which you can see the first peak of the day, Alt de la Capa. Shortly after the pass, the smooth path is replaced as you go through alpine meadows which climb steeply to the 2545 metres of the summit.

Descend to Port Negre, where you can see the ridge section that will take you to Port de Cabús. The ridge marks the border, it is along a good path, very smooth with short ascents and descents, where you can keep rolling most of the time. At Port de Cabús, start the noticeable descent on the left of the stream to Bordes de Setúria, where you will find the forest track that will take you, after a short section of ski slope, to Coll de la Botella.

Now descend for just 500 metres, until you reach the table area on the left where you will see the path, marked with yellow dots, which drops you down to the start. 

WATER: Pal km 0, Font del Bisbe km 13.5




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