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Start the route at the Escaldes-Engordany Tourist Office, going up the street along the pavement, where you’ll find Font del Metge, with thermal water. Shortly after turn right, now on cobbled streets, and after a short stretch along the road you’ll see the “Camí de la Muntanya” sign. At this point you will begin the ascent along the cobbled track, in the shade. Coinciding with the GR, cross the La Comella road carefully, climbing steadily and always along a smooth track parallel to the River Madriu, towards the Bordes d’Entremesaigües, where you’ll turn right to cross the bridge of the same name and enter the Claror Valley.

Without leaving the path beside the River Perafita, you’ll climb continuously to reach 2050m, where you will find a sign in a meadow indicating to continue to the right to go to the Claror shelter. Cross the river using some stones, still in the woods, to quickly follow the yellow points that will take you across the River Claror. Now in meadow, you will go back up to the Claror shelter. Once you’ve reached the shelter, it’s worth turning around to see the magnificent views from here. On the side of the building you will find a fountain, and from this point you will see the trail that continues going up the valley, bearing left, up to Port Negre, a border point with Catalonia.

Having reached the wide pass, turn left to go up along the easy crest to the Negre d’Urgell peak and you’ll easily reach the highest point of the route, the 2759-m Monturull peak or Torre dels Soldats. At the geodesic point, overlooking the Estanys de la Pera lakes, follow the crest that will take you down to Coll de Claror. Exercise great caution when going down this stretch. On the small hill, you will find a landmark and turn left, over rocky ground, first up a steep slope where you will have the biggest difference in elevation. Following landmarks and the track you will go alongside the River Claror, until reaching a point where you will see the shelter you passed previously, at a higher elevation. At this point, turn right to follow the GRP path, returning to the woods until the Perafita shelter, after passing a small pass and Estany de la Nou.

You will pass in front of the shelter to a sign, where you’ll take the path to the right to begin a quick, spectacular descent without any technical difficulty down to the Bordes de Ramio, or after crossing the River Madriu, where we will pick up the GR again and turn left to quickly reach the Bordes d’Entremesaigües. From this point, you’ll retrace the first section of the route, always downhill, which will take you right to the entrance of the town to conveniently arrive at the point of departure, the tourist office.

WATER:  Escaldes Engordany, Font d’Entremesaigues km 3.6, Claror shelter fountain km 8

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