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In Ordino, you will find a permanent orienteering course that will give you the chance to get to know the town’s surroundings in a way that is more fun and as part of your physical training. The proximity of the course lets you enjoy nature and discover unique spots just a short distance from the town centre.

The full course has a moderate level of difficulty that requires being familiar with the basics of orienteering. It is not a very technical route and can be done by the entire family, as long as they have experience in walking through the mountains. The length is approximately 5.5 km with an elevation difference of 350 metres, and it can be done in 1.5-2.25 hours, depending on your pace. There is an alternative route you can use to make it shorter.

The course starts at Prat de la Call, where you will find a map indicating the start of the route with a red triangle. You will have to use a compass, orienting the map towards the north, or guide yourself using the elements around you (houses, roads, etc.). Once oriented, you have to follow the instructions on the map to find the 16 markers, following the numerical order.  When you reach each of them, you will have to check that it is the marker with the right number and punch the corresponding box on your control card.

The route finishes in the centre of Ordino, once you have marked the 16 markers on the control card.



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