MTB Trail 21 Encamp - Coll de Beixalís - Camí de l’Espluga - Encamp

Ruta BTT 21 Encamp - Coll de Beixalís - Camí de l’Espluga - Encamp

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12 km



Height difference

+580 m / -580 m

This circular 12 km route with a total elevation difference of 580 m begins and ends at the same point: the Encamp Tourist Office. There you can find the map of routes and everything you need to get to know Encamp parish a little better, with many options for spending a few great days.

We start the route in an urban setting, descending a road to the start of the ascent up to Vila - Coll de Beixalís. On this previous section we ask you to take maximum caution and follow basic traffic rules. At this point we will begin our 100% asphalt ascent to the top of Coll de Beixalís at 1,795 m of elevation, passing through the village of Vila and other points of historical interest that are worth a visit, like the Church of Sant Marc i Santa María and the Church of Sant Romà de Vila.

At the top of the Beixalís pass we will find signs showing connections to other routes leading into the other valley, routes through La Massana and Ordino parishes. In our case, to continue our route we start our descent on the road we came in on. Just a few minutes from the beginning you’ll find a marked entrance into the forest on the right; this is where we will begin our descent into the village of Vila. This descent is completely through the woods with some technical areas, but nothing dangerous. It’s downhill with a perfectly enjoyable slope, provided you have the right skill level. In this case it’s a red trail, which means it requires an advanced level. There is only one point on the descent to the beginning of Camì de L’Espluga where two route options split off. Mountain bike route 20 off to the left is a good option if you found the current section to be very technically difficult, as there are just a few more meters through the forest before joining the road that will take us back to Encamp.

If you haven’t found the route to be too technically difficult thus far, we recommend continuing on mountain bike route 21 along the Camì de L’Espluga, a very fun trail with spectacular views of Encamp and just a few rocky areas that are more technical than the previous sections. Take extra caution at these marked points.

You will end up back on the Beixalís road, which passes through Vila on the way back to the Encamp Tourist Office, where the route begins and ends.

You will finish the route in 1 hour and 45 minutes. Suitable for mountain biking and E-bike.

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