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‘We Are Forest’ is one of the Moments wellness walks. Designed for individual introspection, you’ll be given a guidebook to enter the forest. You’ll then find different stops along the route where you’ll be invited to do an individual exercise, enjoying a moment of personal introspection surrounded by nature.

To start the route, you’ll need to book a time slot and purchase the ‘We Are Forest’ (Som Bosc) wellness trail guidebook for €8 at the Sant Julià de Lòria or Andorra la Vella Tourist Information Office. You can also find out how to book this Moments walk.

This wellness walk is in the forest of Canòlich, in the parish of Sant Julià de Lòria. It is a mid-mountain forest, very rarely frequented by people, but at the same time very well-known by the town’s inhabitants, given its proximity to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Canòlich, patron saint of the parish.

The «Som bosc» route is ideal to be enjoyed in good weather, from mid-spring through to summer and autumn. It is also accessible in winter when snow covers the path; if you're visiting in the snow, make sure to bring the right equipment for the cold (snow boots or special snowshoes, ski poles and warm clothes) and always be mindful of the current weather conditions. 

To access the route, taken the minor road 111 in the direction of Canòlich, up to km 6, where you’ll pass the sanctuary. You can park your vehicle and continue on foot 50 m up the road, where you’ll find a sign that tells you how to get to the start of the route.

Reservation and prices

We would like to remind you that you need to buy the ‘We Are Forest’ (Som Bosc) wellness trail guidebook to do this route. You can buy it for €8 at the tourist information offices in Sant Julià de Lòria and Andorra la Vella.

Seize the opportunity to take this inner journey and connect with yourself.