La Comella viewpoint

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The La Comella viewpoint is one of the most attractive and symbolic places in the Andorra la Vella parish and the Principality in general. There are many reasons to visit and you can discover them all here. A unique spot to open your eyes wide, get your camera ready and immortalise the beauty of the surroundings.

Reasons to visit the La Comella Viewpoint in Andorra

One of the main reasons for visiting this viewpoint is obvious: its spectacular views. From here you can see some of the country's most spectacular peaks, such as Pic de Carroi in the foreground (2,334 m), the Pic de les Fonts (2.748 m) and the Pic del Pla de l'Estany (2,859 m). Although at a lower altitude, this spot is also great for getting an idea of just how high Andorra la Vella is, at 1,023 m. The viewpoint itself is several hundred metres higher, at 1,319 m.

Another good reason to visit this panoramic viewpoint is its easy access. It is just three kilometres from the capital, Andorra la Vella, connected by the CS-101 road, which takes you to the viewpoint in just a few minutes, along a particularly beautiful, winding route. Another of the advantages is that it is conveniently located right next to the road, so you can enjoy the views just steps away from the car.

In addition, hiking lovers have numerous reasons to come this far, as a large number of routes start at or pass through La Comella. All of this makes it a great place to rest or just take a souvenir photo.

Local fauna and flora

An information panel at the La Comella viewpoint lets you find out easily about the local flora. And with a little luck, you might see some of the area's fauna, which is also well explained on the panel.

Among the plant life, oak forest predominates, covering the landscape in its green blanket. The variety you can see from the viewpoint is the downy oak. This is a shortish tree which, although deciduous, often keeps its dry leaves throughout the winter. The most notable variety of bush is box. If you visit the viewpoint in the flowering season, you'll notice white patches in the landscape, produced by the flowers of the snowy mespilus.

The animals you might see from the La Comella viewpoint are typical of oak forest. Of particular note is the squirrel, which can often be seen jumping from branch to branch. The great spotted woodpecker is a common bird in this landscape which, although you might not see it, you can often hear as it pecks at the wood. The shy and surreptitious beech marten also inhabits this landscape.

This viewpoint is adapted to facilitate universal accessibility and information. It offers content in Braille, palpable reliefs and QR codes, which offer descriptions in signs language and locutions for people with visual and hearing disabilities in various languages. In addition, its design allows the access of people with reduced mobility.

You will find more information about this and other guided walking routes in the Andorra Mountain Guide.

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