Hiking route: Camí Ral d’Ordino: From Santa Bàrbara to Llorts

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The route, from the Church of Santa Bàrbara in Ordino to Llorts, connecting the villages of the valley, is a linear path of around 6 km and is ideal for families. The path has been prepared with various bridges and wooden walkways which makes it easier to access by people of all ages.

The Camí Ral starts in Ordino at Santa Bàrbara on the banks of the Valira del Nord River, where you will find a wooden bridge leading up the valley to the village of Sornàs. Here, you have to cross the main road and once you are on the other side, break off to the left to the second wooden bridge along the route. This allows you to continue climbing up gently along the path protected by the shade of the trees bordering the undergrowth, following the signposts that indicate the route until you reach Ansalonga.

Soon after, there is a paved section of the path which you have to leave once you get to the wooden walkway. Once you have passed the Vilar building, near Cortinada, follow the “Homes i Mina de Ferro” (Iron Men and Mine) sign along the tarmacked path, which will take you to Cortinada. Here you can see the Romanesque Church of Sant Martí and just on the other side of the road, the Cal Pal Mill and Sawmill. Close by is the Cal Pal house, one of the oldest constructions in the country and which has been recently restored. Today it is study centre where the dissemination and recovery of Dry-Stone constructions (a traditional technique with numerous examples found throughout Andorra) is promoted.

From this point the road becomes the Iron Route until you reach Llorts where the mine, which can be visited during the summer, is located. Passing through the village of Arans, following the “Homes de Ferro” (Iron Men) signposts, you will come across a series of sculptures until you reach the rest point at Vilarò de Llorts, just before the last sculpture on the route. The iron mine is not far from here and is the final point of this route. The return journey involves going back the same way you came.

If you are doing the walk with the kids and you don’t want to do the return journey on foot, you can catch a bus from the parish (check availability and timetable at the Tourist Office). Again thinking about little ones, you can also adapt the starting point to choose the section that best suits your needs.

A car park can be found upon arrival in Ordino at the climbing wall, next to the sport centre, where the Tourist Office is also located. From here you can take the Camí de Santa Bàrbara path directly to the start of the route.

For your safety, we recommend doing all routes above 1,700 metres between the end of June and the end of September. However, if the weather and terrain conditions allow it, the season may extend from May to October.

You’ll find more details about the other routes in the Trails of Andorra Hiking Guide.

Get more information at the Ordino Tourist Office, tel.: (+376) 878 173; ot@ordino.ad    http://www.ordino.ad.

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