Hiking in Vallnord-Pal Arinsal


All itineraries pass though the Vallnord's Pal-Arinsal resort (specifically, the Pal sector), and some of them reach the parish of La Massana: this year several communal routes have been added in this parish.

There are different-level routes suitable for all ages. They're all duly equipped and signposted so that you'll always be able to find all of the information you need: distance, route duration, elevation, seating areas, and stretches where caution is advised.

A few of the routes:

The most popular routes are: the TCB line path, the Serra II path and the Pla de la Cot and Vedat routes.

More information below:

If you're an expert hiker and you're not afraid of long walks, the Vedat and TCB routes will be just right for you: they're 3,510 m and 3,670 m long, respectively, with a positive elevation of 720 metres. Since the route is somewhat demanding, you'll find several seating areas so that you can get your strength back before resuming the route.

If, on the other hand, you prefer an intermediate or easy-level outing, the best options are either the Pla de la Cot route, which is 1,703 metres long, with an elevation of 180 metres, or the Serra II route, which is only 816 metres long and whose elevation is 102 m.

Hiking routes can only be enjoyed in spring, as long as there's no snow on the paths.

All you need to enjoy Vallnord are two feet!

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