Trekking and hiking are trendy at the moment. Come to Andorra and hike one of the country's numerous trails.

Cultural hiking route: El Camí

EL CAMÍ is a cultural hiking route that passes through all of the Catalan-speaking territories of Spain, France and Andorra.

Hiking route: Portella Blanca

La Portella Blanca is the geographic point that separates the states of Andorra, France and Spain. It is marked with a granite monolith.

Hiking route: Prat primer per Palomera

Prat Primer is to the south-east of the parish of Andorra la Vella

Hiking route: Refugi i Cap dels Agols

The hiking route is a pretty but difficult route with spectacular views and a climb of more than 1,000 metres.

Hiking route: Ruta del Ferro

Iron sculptures, iron ore mines, rural cottages and incredible landscapes are just a few of the things you'll find at the Ruta del Ferro in Ordino.

Hiking route: Ruta Verdaguer - Estany de Creussans

This route owes its name to the fact that Mn. Jacint Verdaguer, did the route before writing Canigó, the famous Pyrenean legend.