GR11: El Gran Recorregut dels Pirineus

GR11: El Gran Recorregut dels Pirineus




28 km

Height difference

+1734 m / -3187 m

The Pyrenean Grande Route Known as the Senda Pirenaica, the GR11 is divided into 47 stages. In Andorra it starts at an altitude of 2.545 metres, near the Port de Vallcivera , and crosses the Pyrenees along their southern slope from the Bay of Biscay (Cape Higuer) to the Mediterranean (Cape Creus). You will find all of the information on the following links:

Access the Map of shelters and long distance trials in Andorra for further details.
Access the Huts Passport of Andorra.

Download Alpify, the safety application that in the event of emergency allows users to send their exact location to the rescue teams.

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